Digital Solutions Delivered
At 迈博官网 we’re creating a more accessible future

迈博官网 is a leading telecommunications provider, offering the latest voice 和 data solutions to multi-national enterprises 和 communication service providers. Our truly global coverage combined with local, on the ground knowledge has helped us build best in class connections across the globe linking 亚太地区, 欧洲, 美洲, 中东非洲.

Why choose 迈博官网

Our wide portfolio of data 和 voice products offer cost effective, innovative solutions that meet the dem和s 和 challenges facing multinational businesses 和 government institutions all over the world. We offer our enterprise 和 service provider customers the best in class performance based on our leading edge, next generation network design that delivers the highest level of reliability, 效率, 安全, flexibility 和 quality.

Software-Defined Network

Software-defined networking aims to make networks agile 和 flexible. The goal of SDN is to improve network control by enabling enterprises to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

Mobility 和 Voice

迈博官网 delivers high quality, cost-effective Mobility 和 Voice services over our dedicated global network connecting 非洲, 美洲, 亚太地区, 欧洲 和 the 中东. Our worldwide IPX network provides a coverage to reach all the 800+ Mobile Operators worldwide.


Cyber-attacks are proliferating globally at an unprecedented rate. To improve overall 安全, organisations require real-time information 和 analysis of 安全 events, 使用简单的, robust 和 cost-effective solutions to reduce network infrastructure risks.
Digital Solutions Delivered

At 迈博官网 we put customers at the heart of everything we do. So when you grow, so do we. That’s how our voice 和 data services have become the backbone of global communications. So whether you’re facing challenges in media, mobility or 安全, we have the network, experience 和 the world-class service to help you achieve your goals.

Console Connect

One-click to connect

Securely access best-of-breed services from any cloud or SaaS provider. Once setup, connect to business-critical partners 和 applications with just a click.

Complete control & 可见性

设置, 终止, change or upgrade your connectivity from anywhere to anywhere using our intuitive portal. See real-time network utilisation 和 manage usage alerts 和 monitoring tools.

On-Dem和, flexible connectivity

Scale individual connections up 和 down on-dem和. With flexible PAYG pricing we ensure your network usage fits your cloud economics.

As a trusted partner for over three years, 迈博官网 has delivered critical IT Infrastructure for both ESL One 和 IEM events. We partner with 迈博官网 because of their truly global coverage 和 capability in providing resilient 和 ultra-low latency IP networks.

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